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Public release

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Xaver & Flo

This our first public release after few years of private usage and finally writing some documentation and adding some comfort functionality.


Before we talk about the final public release, let start with a short history. Flo developed a Docker project for WordPress Bedrock a few years ago. Someday Xaver forked the repo started to develop something that works with different projects types and not only with WordPress Bedrock.

History of Docker Mate

Few months later Flo started to use Xavers fork for non WordPress projects, and we started to add more and more functionality and robustness. A few months later all projects run on that setup and updates git pull are working without trouble. Now we got a Base that is easy to update and use in every php project.

Public release


We want an environment that needs no adjustment then stating development and also support simple updates. All configuration should be adjustable in project then needed.

Release of Docker Mate

Make your utility

We use Makefiles as wrapper for all commands. From init a project over creating an SQL backup, run commands like console inside a container to local command like gulp watch or simply checking logs & state.

Tested in different OS environments

As described we're using Docker Mate for multiple years in different projects and also under different operating systems with Linux and macOS.We developed Symfony applications, Grav (file based CMS) or Shopware and extended different parts to the projects needs.

Windows is out of scope (bash, utilities ...) and no developer in our teams us it.

Docker Mate Open Source

Open Source

Software is licensed under MIT and needs no commercial software.

Final thoughts

This is our first release, and we have currently no roadmap, because everything we need works as expected until you fill our issue tracker.

Finial Public release Docker Mate


Checkout our Community Page.

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