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Why is mkcert required?

Sometimes you need another domain different to .docker and if an HSTS-Header is set, connecting without SSL will fail. Additionally, some features like http2 only work with TLS in nginx and other webservers and smallers the gap between development and deployed project.

At the end a hard requirement makes maintaining it easier including providing easy updateable instances.

Why is * implemented this way?

We tested a lot of options in different projects and tried to make it as convinced as possible to start a project. Suggestions for improvements are welcome - at the very least we'll explain some background.

Windows support

No #!*$, no plan, no motivation, nothing.

Nobody in our work environments is using windows for any kind of development. We know the official Docker supports Windows, but adding support would require maintaining it in the future, and we can't test it. Therefore, you're on your own when using Windows. If you insist on using it, your best bet is probably using WSL(2) - which is untested but should work (in theory - still unsupported).